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Lost in the Land of Emacs. Coffee lover. Gamer (mostly consoles). Currently, living in Ireland.

@nytpu fuck

@sasha_sorokin "but how else there going to defend themselves when there is a shooter at school?"

Alien: I found a book called "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
Human: Oh no
Alien: Very funny
Human: OH NO

The dark web is TOR-ifiying.

)-: ?


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"Move fast and break things" is horrible advice. How about "move fast and make things better" instead? 1/1

It's the season again!

Nobody: empty
Corporations in June:
A lot of logos of evil fictional companies styled in rainbow colors.

Umbrella UAC, Silver Shamrock, Skynet, OCP, Shinra, RR, Lexcorp, Ingen, Weyland Yutani, Mishima, Abstergo, Black Mesa, Aperture, SCP Foundation, Mom's Friendly Robot Company and Virtucon.


82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted suicide. Source: National Library of Medicine (

I can safely guess that other Western and non-Western societies are in a similar or worse ballpark.

If this isn't a complete and utter failure as a society, I don't know what is.

A good craftsperson never blames their tools - Go Make Things:

All relevant to today: there was a major cost of living crisis in the years leading up to Luddism, wages simply didn’t keep up. The Napoleanic War had seriously disrupted exports to Europe. There was a speculative bubble of people with means buying and renting out frames.

My 15 min nap, that turned into "what year is it" nap, didn't go as planned. When will I learn that there is no such thing as 15 min nap

I almost inhaled my fork

If you’re into functional programming for the Web with , you’ll be delighted to learn that has a new importer for Elm packages and associated build system:

Boredom is good. Children. Teaching

Something I've been noticing teaching is that the usage of cell phones and iPads from a young age has led to an inability to cope with boredom.

Boredom is good! It can force you to be creative. Most of the times I was bored as a kid and now lead to explorations or reading or whatnot, sometimes a nap.

But with increased tech access from a young age there's less ability to cope with being bored
So teaching then becomes "make sure you can entertain children" 1/?

@Sandra @loke isn't that how email works today? If your not on some corpo email your message lands in spam?

unhealthy advice based on The Animatrix' episode Kid's Story
@FiXato @fribbledom the other solution is to run really fast

@schratze still prefer toots. Their are like gentel farts, as opssed to birdsite farts with suprise

Distinguishing ourselves from corporate social media and being proud of the culture we made here is a good thing actually.

Keep the tootin', growlin', barkin', meowin' or whatever noun your instance uses for expressing yourself!

@lanodan @a1ba @drq ^^ this. On my server I currently have two prosody instance, one for jitsi meet and one for normal use. Couldn't figure out how to get prosody one to be visible from outside world